Ann Wehrman


Ann Wehrman earned a MA in English (Creative Writing) and a Second BA in Music (Flute), both at CSU, Sacramento. She has published in college literary journals and small presses including Rattlesnake Review, The Ophidian, and Poetry Now. Rattlesnake Press published her broadside, Notes from the Ivory Tower, in 2007.


Ann Wehrman Poems


no place for fear or hurt

in all that lives,
darkness is the
inner face of light—

when the sun’s hidden,
moon and stars shine—

when clouds and fog obscure,
sense the too-sharp edge
and turn away

creation’s quiet, yearning well brims
crystal-clean, sweet, and wild

with love’s every breath
darkness yearns, receives, responds

in darkness, be not afraid


drop, shining silver
enter the drop
sit inside on a mat of rushes
listen until I hear
air pass through the
sides of the raindrop
it’s my breath I hear
tinkle like wind chimes in silence
it’s music of the spheres
splash and current of water
running somewhere nearby
it’s my bloodstream
circulating through veins
stay quiet and within
Cancer, goddess of the soul
Cancer, cardinal water

(Previously published in The Mountain Astrologer, June/July 2010)





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