Dawn DiBartolo


Dawn DiBartolo is the happy mother of three, currently
residing in Sacramento, CA. She has been previously
published in several local and online venues and served
as guest editor for Poetry Now. Her book, Love & Other Eternities, is available online, and her littlesnake broadside, Blush, is available through Rattlesnake Press.




Dawn DiBartolo Poems


time is adulterous.
i caught the scent of yesterday
on this morning’s lapel,
though the sun presented
as if faithful and true
to the moment.
but i knew.
i knew of day’s plan to linger
on the lips of yesterday,
much like the day before.
have i not been good to you,
diligence in rising to
your every occasion?
for me, seduction
lies in the light of the moon,
but i’ve forsaken night’s kiss
for day
after day
after day, unremitting,
and still sunrise betrays me to tedium.
there is simply no salve for longing.

from Love & Other Eternities


lady on the train, late night

age etched weariness
on her coconut-brown face,
boney arms,
and work-worn hands;
still she was imbued
with such fickle beauty ~
heart-shaped gold dangled
from her long earlobes.

her lids, over bulging
eyes, seemed to weigh
a lifetime, and she struggled
to keep them open
just long enough to see
and smile at me.

a bright, tie-dye
t-shirt embraced her
skeletal frame, her
black-jean shorts secured
by a belt, and she
crossed her skinny legs daintily,
swaying with the rhythm of the train
as if feeling ancient drumbeats.

i think, to keep awake,
she dug a sweet-bread
from her small red purse
and inhaled it like
all of space and time
combined into vital
nourishment for her
emaciated soul.

still she blinked
long and heavy,
even as she chewed
each deliberate bite,

i wondered
what made her
so luminous and ethereal,
how she became
my auntie, my grandma, and
the mother i’d wished i had?
what made me yearn
to envelope her in
the refuge of my arms
and tell her that it was ok
to stop struggling now, rest?

she was simple
and beautiful. she
was unadulterated love,
there, but completely weightless;
a vision of my ancestry,
a portrait of my future.
she was me. and
i loved her, instantly…

with all the journey
left before me and all
the paths i’d overcome,
i loved her.



























































































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