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Patricia D’Alessandro is a graduate of the University of San Francisco, Class of 1982, receiving a B.S. in Human Relations & Organizational Behavior. Honorable Mention was awarded for production of her Portfolio, which became her first publication, entitled, The Weaving of a Being: A Memoir.  She has published four poetry collections since; this is her fifth. She also edited two anthologies of the poetry of underprivileged women who attended her Creative Writing Workshop at the Wellspring Women’s Center in Sacramento, CA.

Despite Pat’s move to Coachella Valley in 2005, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, together with the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, awarded her a Lifetime Achievement Award on March 20, 2007 for outstanding volunteer contributions to the Sacramento cultural arts community.






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Patricia D’Alessandro Poem

(Dream, Tuesday, October 17, 2000)

You finished knitting
the last stitch
in a dream last night—
needles clicking
knit one pearl two knit one pearl two
telling me you found it in a closet
forgetting that you made it
long ago.

The large white patch
on the back
was like the map of Africa,
the fabric
dove white linen,
and when you held it up to try it on,
it fit as though a tailor
measured to your size.

you teach me how to knit
needles clicking every day
knit one pearl two knit one pearl two
a coat I wear for warmth
when I dream of





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