Patricia Hickerson



New York City native Patricia Hickerson holds degrees from Barnard College and San Francisco State, and a doctorate from University of Southern California. As a child she danced in Warner Bros. movies, and has worked as an artist’s model, teacher, copy editor, fiction writer for Penthouse publications. Her poetry has been published in the broadside, At Grail Castle Hotel, from Rattlesnake Press, and the collection, Daughter and Mother. Some of the present poems have appeared in Echoes, Convergence, Medusa’s Kitchen, Rattlesnake Review, The Ophidian, WTF, Poetry Now, and The Yolo Crow.



Patricia Hickerson Poems


She could be your mother
but only for a shuttered afternoon

she could be lattice-work
framed for climbing moonflowers
their broad purple petals
alert in the dark
like her sky-wide eyes
shrewd with hurt
iced with brilliant intention

she could be a peacock
(the male perhaps)
spreading her tail
for a rainbow
or a warning:

there could be no gold
at the end of this journey—
but something close to it



in the stone quarry flooded
you and I hot as July
shallow the moon glitter
toes paled, lips silvered
metallic glaze on a gushing plain
voices a net of echoes
ears silenced we leave the others
sink through the midnight pool
rocky nip of boulders
fevered jut of flesh
how we grow under the press of fingers
caress of dreams in a bowl of water
lapping at arms and legs
your arms and legs
wrapping me at the flood











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