Song Kowbell


Photo courtesy of Rowan Merante

SONG KOWBELL is a poet who lives in Penn Valley, California. She is unafraid to take what it is she wants: man, woman, or heart. Song has been a featured reader for the highly acclaimed Nevada County Poetry Series,
and at Luna's and at Urban Voices in Sacramento, CA. Her poems have been published in Rattlesnake Review and two Nevada County Poetry Series Anthologies (Years 2004 and 2005); in 2005, Rattlesnake Press published a littlesnake broadside of her work (Watching the Rabbit); if you’d like a free copy, send an SASE to Rattlesnake Press. Song has traveled throughout the world and hitchhiked across the United States for reasons known and unknown. She is a Search-and-Rescue dog trainer, someone who knows and respects the natural world and tries above all things to honor the spirits of a place.



Song Kowbell Poems

Respect for Rattlesnake Woman

lizard moving across dry leaves
draws my attention upward
where rattlesnake woman
lies warming herself
on small rock
in morning sun.
I lift small
coiled slick skin
in flat-end shovel
placing her
in garbage can
for ride to safety.
She offers no resistance
no rattle of tail
but lets me know
with the flick
of her tongue
how lightning fast
she can move
should I think
her inferior
reflects the
power she owns

He Wanted To

He said
he wanted to…
As if
I didn’t know…
As if I couldn’t see
the addition
to his already
tight Levis.

Reaching his hand
across the great
between wanting
and getting,
I felt him,
watched him smirk,
then slowly,
he says,
“ummmm I thought so.”





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