Todd Cirillo


Todd Cirillo was born of bastard lineage in the dark but fun-loving waters off the coast of New Orleans. He is co-founder, editor and publisher of the notorius Six Ft. Swells Press along with the pirates Julie Valin and Matt Amott (  He has performed delightfully debaucherous readings in New York City, New Orleans, San Francisco, Long Beach, Sacramento, and his current location of Grass Valley, CA. A close friend states, "You can find Todd on the barstool next to you or sailing off into the night, having just stolen your best line!"

In May of 2011, Rattlesnake Press released a Rattlesnake LittleBook from Todd, entitled Still a Party - small in size, maybe, but still packed with the punch of Todd’s powerful poems!



Todd Cirillo Poems

In the Direction of Stars
—Todd Cirillo

The stars are out and we can go anywhere.
                            —Ann Menebroker

We step out onto a street corner
in the city of hills and hangovers
where light comes off the Golden Gate
and poems are spray painted on sidewalks
the stars are out
and we can go anywhere
to celebrate the birthdays
we never had
and the words we are dying to speak—
with music in the American night,
cab rides to nowhere
kissing in elevators and barrooms
beers in the sink
flowers in hotel rooms
and you
telling me
I am too hard on my imperfections,
but the stars are out
and we can go anywhere
holding hands
underneath them—
you in love with my imperfections
and me
in love with your sense of direction.


Slowdance With Sam Cooke
—Todd Cirillo

I want you
to grab my waist
and bring me
to you
beneath the moon
letting one another
rise up
into the dark
until we are among the stars
where the last dance
has been saved for
and Sam.






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