William S. Gainer


William S. Gainer has contributed to the literary scene as a writer, editor, promoter, publicist and poet. He is a co-founder and current board member of the Nevada County Poetry Series. Gainer has been privileged to work with a wide range of writers and poets, from emerging talents to the nationally known. His work has appeared in The Oregonian, The Sacramento News and Review, The Bukowski Review, Author and Poet, Poetry Prevue, The Archer, Major Poets Quarterly, The Auburn Journal, Poetry Now, The Placer County's Art Council’s “perspectives” (an article about ethics in the arts – working with Quincy Troupe), The Tule Review, The Guild to the Arts, Because People Matter, Rattlesnake Review and numerous other journals and anthologies.

Bill is also the author of littlesnake broadside #14; if you’d like a free copy, send an SASE to Rattlesnake Press.



William S. Gainer Poetry

A Table With a View

I would have liked to see
a little more of her thigh,
but her skirt only
slipped up so far —
and she was too young
to show any more
and I was too old
to expect it.
But sometimes it's okay
to wish upon unopened
flowers —
and to tip waitresses
a little more that you should.
when they give you
a table
with a view.

Nothing, Baby...

Nothing, baby
nothing bad
nothing good,
he said nothing,
nothing, baby.

I do get the feeling
there's a little
between you
It's the way you
when he's around.
It's not love though.
That's a different
kind of
It looks more like
you got
the trying to hold
the meanness
kind of

I do hope
you get past it
without causing
too much
If not,
let me know
when the blood letting's
we can get together,
spend little time,
have a cold drink,

It'll be nice
just you, me
and the




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