The Book Collector (Home of the Snake)


The Book Collector
1008 24th Street
Sacramento, CA 95816

Rachel Hansen and her husband, Richard (the Poems-For-All guy) are co-owners of this homey used/new book store which specializes in beat generation literature and poetry, as well as small press poetry—especially local. The Book Collector is the Home of the Snake, in the sense that Rachel, Richard and their daughter, Ruhiyyih, have been supportive of us from the very beginning, providing space for the Rattlesnake Reading Series and allowing us to distribute all Snake products, free and otherwise, from their store. All things ophidian can be found there, including chaps and broadsides and flyers and whatever else the Snake has up his sleeve. So to speak. Look for the special display section of rattlechaps.

And, of course, Richard has plenty of free little Poems-For-All to hand out, as well as releases from his own small press (24th St. Irregular Press).


Falling from a tree,
the snake slithers on the ground
in this heat.


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