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A Sac-Franciscan experimental mythologist whose work spans poetry, prose, story writing and telling. A Poet who loves mixing it up w/music and movies while still holding the solo voice high, frank is the producer and host of “The Pomo Literati”, a two-hour spoken word program broadcast on KUSF San Francisco which features live reading performances, contemporary recordings, and archival rarities from pre-beat to post-modern. He also co-hosts Poetry Unplugged @ Luna's Café in Sacramento, an open mic, featured-reader series which has been Sacramento News & Review’s People’s Choice for Best Open Mic Venue for several years. In 2008, frank edited an anthology of work from these poets for Rattlesnake Press (see below).

frank also creates word-driven, multi-media events and poetry/performance tours. He is the author of Soluna, a collection of his poems and prose, and three littlesnake broadsides from Rattlesnake Press which are re-printed along with some of his other poems in Rattlesnake Reprint #2: PariScope: A Triptyche and may be ordered on the Rattlesnake Reprint page. frank currently edits WTF, a quarterly journal of Luna’s Poets and others, also for Rattlesnake Press.

Why Baudelaire? frank says, At 13 years old, i became a fan of the Doors. i wrote poetry already and so did Jim Morrison, who turned me on to Arthur Rimbaud. Later i found myself in the company of Patti Smith, Tom Verlaine, and Jim Carroll, who all loved Rimbaud and the other "dead french guys", esp. Charles Baudelaire, as i did. As Rimbaud wrote re: Charles Baudelaire and his oeuvre:


Charles Baudelaire is the Premier Seer
...the King of Poets.

Here is a poem from frank’s PariScope:

Triptyche — PariScope
by frank andrick

You wear Paris like a dress
Aurelia Pardis Muse of a
million moments walk the
abyss between the living
and the bliss De Molay on
fire backdrop Notre Dame
our lady my lady gargoyles
frame your face honeyed the
side of heaven and hell sky
all around sensets on the
Seine haloes your head, your
face, your hair, the sky, the
Sol/Soul splits, striates, and
streaks filigrees of gold a net
to ensnare inspiration
you wear Paris like a dress.

You wear this city like a Dress
Aurelia Pardis du Paris Muse
of a million moments granting
truce or peace to laugh in the
face of the fine line scapeghost
turning the notion of sin into
wine from a sacred vine Deux
Magots French film blurred kiss
my hands the shape of angels trace
the ghost trails a walk in your eyes to
grottos or grottes cameo at your
throat the hint of touch the cause
& effect the wanting to hold what
dare not be dreamt you’ll be my
vacation & I will be yours
You wear Paris like a dress

You wear Paris like a dress Muse
of a million moments the kitty and
the cat take residence within manifest
this city you own that dress Red House
Painter sound chemise du chanson a
grand passion as infinite as the inspiration
to write the greatest poems anima/animus
flowered into unity Café Flor a celebration
a second behind my eyes asterisms attract the
night into light amour fou was only a spark
go to a new place that you love that you find Beautiful so I can experience your
Beauty in a setting that you find Beautiful
to you so I can lose myself in the Beautiful
surrounded by the Beautiful
You wear Paris like a dress

About La Luna:

About ten years ago, Joe Montoya, the founder of Luna’s long-running Poetry Unplugged reading series, began soliciting for poems for an anthology. That dream has finally come to fruition with the recently-released La Luna: Poetry Unplugged at Luna’s Café. This 114-page anthology contains art, photos and poetry from over 150 contributors, including Art Luna himself, who took the photograph for the cover and contributed another photo and two poems, besides! Here are Art’s poems:


The Dream
—Art Luna

We met last night for the first time
Even though we’ve known one another for
My heart and soul flew through the night
Where you were calling me dressed in clouds
And bathed in soft moonlight
You were radiant, aglow with warmth
And love and our everything mixed and we
knew as we danced our sensual dance this
could be…

I look back now and I know this is not
over. I won’t let it be. Not yet. We’ve
got something special, a connection.
Let’s rekindle the fire…


Lava Flow

(inspired by Mono Lake and
the eastern Sierras)

—Art Luna

We walk the rim of fire and ice
Lava slathered land
Glacier carved Earth Mother
I watch the flow hot and wet
I taste you



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