Rattlechaps Chapbook Series


They can be held easily in the hand, tucked graciously into a bag, slipped safely into a pocket. They can be read in one sitting. They are inexpensive to produce and purchase, and thus provide a perfect means for getting more new poetry into the world.
-"In Praise of the Humble Chapbook" by Vive Griffith, Poet's Market, 2004


The Rattlechaps Chapbook Series was born in April of 2004 with Rattlechap #1: ANVIL by Danyen Powell. Since then, rattlechaps (and spiralchaps—see separate page) have been released on an almost-monthly basis, with readings by each poet at The Book Collector—where he or she is surrounded by family and friends in as supportive atmosphere as his/her fans can supply. This is the point of a rattlechap, after all: to do the best poetry possible and give it a rousing send-off.

We are not currently publishing rattlechaps.  All rattlechaps are still available from the author, from The Book Collector, or from this website. Click on each author’s name for sample poems and other surprises:

Purchase rattlechaps Chapbooks online for $6.00 each - including postage

#1: Anvil   by Danyen Powell 

#2: Words Like Knives, Like Feathers   by JoAnn Anglin 

#3: Voices on the Land   by Patricia Wellingham-Jones

#4: A Sense of Melancholy  by Joyce Odam

#5: Living With Myth   by Taylor Graham

#6: These Rivers  by Shawn Pittard

#7: The Burden of Wings   by Colette Jonopulos 

#8: Rooting for the Rooster   by Ben L. Hiatt

#9: Vocal Exercises in Stone   by Karen Baker

#10: Noon, Twilight, Midnight   by debee loyd

#11: The Battered Bride Overture   by Mary Zeppa

#12: The Land  by Susan Kelly-DeWitt

#13.1: Why we Have Sternums   by Kathy Kieth

#14: In the Absence of Silver   by Victoria Dalkey

#15: Tea With Bunya  by Elsie Whitlow Feliz

#16: Black Dog  by James DenBoer

#17: An Ocean-Front Hotel Room  by Ron Tranquilla

#18: In the Folds   by Allegra Jostad Silberstein

#19: To Run with the Savages  by W.S. Gainer

#20: The Keeping Room  by Jeanine Stevens

#21: What God Said When She Finally Answered Me 
                               by James Lee Jobe

#22: Northwind on I-5   by Frank Taber

#23: Everybody Knows the Dice are Loaded

                              by Todd Cirillo

#24: Lick Your Wounds and Want Again   by Song Kowbell

#25: The Setich Manor Poems   by B.L. Kennedy

#26: Shadowlines   by Irene Lipshin

  #27: Fictional Character: The Ernie Poems  

                              by Phil Weidman

  #28: Heron'S Run   by Sharyn Stever

  #29: Turf Daisies and Dandelions   by Jane Blue

  #30: Vic & Me   by  Pearl Stein Selinsky

  #31:  A Counterpane Without   by Brigit Truex

  #32: Skin Stretched Around the Hollow 

                              by Steve Williams

  #33: Playing Favorites   by Ron Tranquilla

  #34:  North of Everything  by Tom Miner

  #35:  Cassiopeia Above the Banyan Tree 

                              by Susan Kelly-DeWitt

  #36:  Spiral  by Kate Wells

  #37: Among Neighbors  by Taylor Graham

  #38: Attracted to Light  by Ann Privateer

  #39: Small Crimes  by  Ann Menebroker

  #40: Among Summer Pines  by Quinton Duval

  #41: Day Moon by James DenBoer

  #42: Thirteen Poems  by Patrick Grizzell

  #43: He Drank Because  by Moira Magneson

  #44: Some New Forgetting  by Wendy Patrice Williams

  #45: Blue Sky Flies Out  by Danyen Powell

  #46: Oar  by Julia Connor

  #47: All Aboard!!!  by Norma Kohout

  #48: Sinfonietta  by Tom Goff

  #49: Walt Whitman Orders a Cheeseburger  by Bob Stanley

  #50: Mirror, Mirror: Poems Of The Mother-Daughter Relationship

                                by Susan Finkleman,  Illus. by Joseph Finkleman

  #51:The War Groom  by Brad Buchanan

  #52:Secrets of a Violet Sky  by Dawn DiBartolo

#53: The Thread of Dreams  by Carol Frith

  #54: Dawn and Dirty  by Patricia Hickerson

  #55: The Caring Tree  by Martha Ann Blackman

  #56: Iris  by Chris Olander

  #57: Inside (love poems)  by Ann Wehrman










































































































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