Rattlesnake Interview Series

Conversations One: B.L. Kennedy talks to Andrick, Blue, Cirillo, Grizzell, Mackey, Malik, Moore, Menebroker, Pieper, Ungstad, Wagner.

108 pp., spiralbound $10.00 including postage



Conversations Two: B.L. Kennedy talks to Connor, Dalkey, Fernandez, Finn, Kelly-DeWitt, Montoya, Odam, Olander, Weidman, Wheat, Kennedy.

102 pp., spiralbound $10.00 including postage



Conversations Three: B.L. Kennedy talks to Art Beck, Olivia Costellano, Quinton Duval, William S. Gainer, Mario Ellis Hill, Kathryn Hohlwein, James Jee Jobe, Andy Jones, Rebecca Morrison, Viola Weinberg and Phillip T. Nails.

90 pp., spiralbound $10.00 including postage



Conversations Four: B.L. Kennedy talks to Luke Breit, Gail Rudd Entrekin, Traci Gourdine, Taylor Graham, Noel Kroeplin, Rob Lozano, Crawdad Nelson, Monika Rose, Will Staple, Mary Zeppa and nila northSun.

88 pp., spiralbound $10.00 including postage


Conversations Five:  B.L. Kennedy talks to Lytton Bell, Gene Bloom, V.S. Chochezi, Robert Grossklaus, Vincent Kobelt, Arturo Mantecon, Jackie Schaffer, Donald Sidney-Fryer, Bob Stanley, Monica Storss, and S. A. Griffin

75 pp., spiralbound $10.00 including postage


Interviews are an important part of poetry journalism, and we are grateful to have B.L. Kennedy's help with this ongoing project. Five of the interviews are available as free broadsides.  Pick one up at The Book Collector, or write to kathykieth@hotmail.com and she'll send you one.


Broadside Interviews Now Available (interviews formatted as individual pamphlets):

#1: Ann Menebroker
#2: Malik
#3: Jane Blue

#4: frank andrick

#5: Julia Connor












































































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