There’s nothing sadder than
a good book out of print!




February 2009 saw the premiere of our new Rattlesnake Reprints, featuring The Dimensions of the Morning by D.R. Wagner, which was first published by Tom Kryss and Black Rabbit Press in 1969. For more info about D.R. Wagner, click on his name and go to his page.


In November of 2009, we introduced PariScope: A Triptyche, a reprint of frank andrick’s three previous littlesnake broadsides. Click on frank’s name to go to his page.


Click here to purchase available reprints

Here is a poem from D.R.’s reprint:

  The Dimensions of the Morning Reprint  $10.00 including postage
  PariScope: A Triptyche by frank andrick   $6.00 including postage





























































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