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RR is no longer being published, but a few previous issues are still available. Contact kathykieth@hotmail.com


Born on Leap Year Day, 2004, Rattlesnake Review (Poetry with Fangs!) is the flagship publication of Rattlesnake Press. 

RR is a free, spiral-bound, 8.5”X11” quarterly journalzine of photos, line art, articles, a cryptogram, numerous reviews, poetry challenges and other miscellaneous articles about poetry and related happenings, and—most of all—POETRY by which the Snake, his flirtatious floozy, Lola, and the sassy littlesnake hope to bemuse and confustigate the (mostly) Northern California poetry community. It is also a showcase for the tremendous mountain of poetry talent that our area has to offer.


Here are some samples:


declares the poster with a photo
of a common roadside flower.
Such sky-shade blossoms
here on the wall of the waiting room

One man’s eyes are buried
in a magazine, another’s down-turned
to the angle of his laptop screen.

My eyes are tired of waiting,
as patients come and go.
Behind a closed door, doctors
peer into the depths of pupils
and find them wanting.

I want to see
that wild blue flower.
I want to watch it bloom.

—Taylor Graham, Somerset

—Matt Amott, Roseville

we sit in the café
she must see me
as a relic
a living fossil of time
before the Nintendo revolution
we discuss books, movies and trains
time frozen until she is summoned
away by the ring of her phone
we go our separate ways
a beautiful afternoon spent
humoring an old man
who wonders
where was she
when he


Artist-in-Residence is Sam The Snake Man Kieth, who does all our covers and various other artistic irreverencies.

The Snake emerges in April, June, September and December, so deadlines are 2/15, 5/15, 8/15, and 11/15.


to the Review should be done as follows, please:


 3-5 poems, photos, small-ish artwork
no bios, cover letters, prev-pubs or simul-subs
name, address, email on every snail page or on email, please
e-mail to:  kathykieth@hotmail.com


Back issues may be purchased below for $4.00 including postage.  Please specify issue number.

Issue #


Also available:
FANGS 1: Snake Poems from the Snake, ed. by Robert Grossklaus.

Published in 2005, this is a spiral-bound anthology of poems about snakes that appeared in the Review, Issues 1-6. Also has snake artwork by Sam Kieth and others, including covers and some of the sketches and photos from Issues 1-6.

$2.00 each including postage.


Carpe Viperidae! (Seize the Snake!)
















































































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