Snakelets is on hiatus; no deadlines pending

Snakelets, established in 2004, is a spiral-bound, 8.5X11” journal of approximately 45 pages of poetry by kids ages 0-12.     Here is a sample poem from Issue #6:

What Color is Coffee?
—Ruhiyyih Hansen, Sacramento

Coffee is tan
the color of my skin
Tea is brown
the color of my hair
Juice comes in
different colors
Like the rainbow









Snakelets was named Best Poetry For Children by Sacramento News & Review, 2004!

Back issues are available for $2.00 including postage.

Snakelets: Smaller Fangs, but Just As Dangerous!

Also available for youngsters:

Poems in a Seashell: Catching Poems As They Fly By: An exploration of how to write poems; suitable for ages approx. 8-12 years. Spiral-bound, 8.5X11”, color, 12 pp. $2.00 including postage.
The Heart of A Poet: Poems and art by Ashley Redfield (with Ethan Redfield), written when Ashley was 13. Spiral-bound, 8.5X11”, color, 30 pp. $10.00 including postage.


















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