SnakeRings SpiralChap Series

The first SpiralChap was published in 2004: The Heart of a Poet  by then-13-year-old Ashley Redfield.

Now Available

 Sex—For Animals…
Poetry from Kathy Kieth
with drawings by Sam Kieth



SnakeRings SpiralChaps are available for $10.00 each including postage.

#1: The Heart Of A Poet

The poetry of 13-year-old Ashley Redfield, with illustrations by her and
her brother, Ethan

#2: The Quality Of Light

Poetry and photography by Katy Brown

#3: Love And Other Complaints

The poetry of Pearl Stein Selinsky combined with the artwork of
Victor Selinsky

#4: Been Born Bronx

Poetry and art from B.L. Kennedy

#5: Caught Against The Years

Poetry by Joyce Odam, illustrated by Art from Charlotte Vincent

#6: Poems In Two Voices

poetry by Joseph and Susan Finkleman, with Art by Joseph Finkleman

#7: Where The Stars Are Kept   by D.R. Wagner
#8: Metamorphic Intervals from the Insanity of Life

                  by Patricia D'Alessandro

#9: To Berlin With Love   

                  by Elsie Whitlow Feliz and Don Feliz

#10: Damn the Eternal War by Ted Finn
#11: Luna’s House of Words  by B.L. Kennedy
#12: La Luna: Poetry Unplugged at Luna’s Café  edited by frank andrick
#13.1: Sex—For Animals… 

                  by Kathy Kieth with drawings by Sam Kieth

#14: Celebrations: Images and Texts  by Laverne Frith
#15: Peripherals: Prose Poems by Joyce Odam

#16: Keepers of the Flame: The First 30 Years of the Sacramento Poetry
, ed. by Mary Zeppa

#17: A Limited Means of Expression by D.R. Wagner


























































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