VYPER is on hiatus; no deadlines pending




VYPER, established in 2005, is a saddle-stapled, chapbook-sized black-&-white journal of poetry by young people ages 13-19. It usually appears twice a year, in November and March, but a special issue, Issue #4, appeared in May of 2006. Poetry and black-and-white artwork are welcomed. Please send your submissions to kathykieth@hotmail.com.  Please send copies only, no originals. Include name, age, address & e-mail and/or phone number on everything. No bios, cover letters, previously-published poems, simultaneous submissions, swearing, nudity or graphic sexual content, please.

Deadlines are November 1 and March 1.

Back issues are available for $2.00 including postage. Issues #1-3 were edited by Robert Grossklaus. The latest issue, #5, is available free at The Book Collector.



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