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I have lived all my 61 years in this hot Sacramento Valley, where I've done time as a musician, music teacher, sandwich maker, belly dancer, music therapist and psychologist.  But recently, Sam the Snake Man and I headed for the hills, and now the Snake lives at 4000’ in Pollock Pines. (Yes, snow: boots, shovels, blowers, and cracking my tailbone on the ice.)  I've been lucky enough to have had my own work be published here and there, in journals such as Atlanta Review, Cimarron Review, Slant, Sow's Ear, Potpourri, Number One, White Heron, Urban Spaghetti, Main Street Rag, PDQ, Ekphrasis, Brevities, Plainsong, and Comstock Review. Of my three chapbooks, the first one, A Night Full of Owls, was published by White Heron Press; the second, Keeping Time in the Clock Shop, was published by PWJ Publishing, and the third, Why We Have Sternums, was published by Rattlesnake Press.  In February of 2008, Sam the Snake Man Kieth and I released Sex—For Animals, featuring my poetry and his drawings in celebration of 25 years of marriage this year—or, as the dedication says, “in gratitude for 30 years of better and worse…"  And in February of 2010, Tiger’s Eye Press released kk’s Emily and the High Cost of Living, a chapbook about neurosis and, well, the high cost of living…

I have also served on the production staff of two local poetry journals: Poetry Now and Tule Review.  I found my small role in helping to publish these to be hugely rewarding, so the Snake empire was born as I began to celebrate my fifth year (2004) in  Sacramento poetry—a noisy, colorful, sometimes-contentious group of communities which I dearly love, both for the many well-established poets and for all those up-and-comers who are just getting started.

So the Snake is intended to be a (mostly) free showcase for all those folks—a love letter with a little art and criticism and prosedy thrown in. And hopefully the tone of the Snake reflects our wild and vibrant Nor-Cal scene, too:

a little naughty,
a little classy,
a little sly...




She Refuses to Kill Rattlesnakes—

lets them glide across her pages
as she writes: tells them long

stories of their ancestors, the dragons:
watches over them as they nap

in the dust of the afternoon beneath
her armoire… She sees herself

in the gold of their cats’-eyes as
they follow the footsteps of

a mouse: runs her hand over sepia
diamonds on their cold-blooded

backs; then, together they prowl
through the sapphire moondrops

that collect under the woodpile:
silently slide through opportunities

of darkness—share a restless search
for the brimstone of dragons and

the vibrations of prey…

—Kathy Kieth

“The only thing that scares me more than snakes is poetry…"

#13.1: WHY WE HAVE STERNUMS  by Kathy Kieth  $6.00

#13.2: KEEPING TIME IN THE CLOCK SHOP  by Kathy Kieth  $6.00

A NIGHT FULL OF OWLS  by Kathy Kieth  $6.00

   SnakeRings SpiralChap #13.1: Sex—For Animals… 

                     by Kathy Kieth with drawings by Sam Kieth   $10.00

    Emily and the High Cost of Living  by Kathy Kieth  $6.00

Also available: kk’s littlesnake broadside (#13.1), Way Too Much Sky.   Free.




































































































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