WTF: A new publication from Rattlesnake Press

A free 30-page quarterly journal

—for adults only—
edited by frank andrick!

WTF is intended to showcase the talents of the readers at Poetry Unplugged at Luna’s Café, the long-running Thursday night poetry series but everyone (over 18) is invited to submit.

To submit poetry, art, photos, or prose pieces, here are the guidelines:


—three poems, each one no longer than a single 8.5X11” page
—prose pieces: 500 words or less; smallish art and photos, too
—name/info on every page; must be 18 or older to submit
—no bio/cover letter/simultaneous submissions
—don’t send originals; include SASE if you want your work back
—new work only; no previously-published work, please

(We want to be new and re-invent the page every time we go out!)


Send to (attachments preferred; put WTF in heading)

Be sure to stop by The Book Collector to pick up your free copy of Rattlesnake Press's latest spawn, WTF, or order it at the bottom of this page. WTF #1 features 22 poets, artists and photogs from Poetry Unplugged, the long-running reading series at Luna’s Café, 1414 16th St., Sacramento.


What's the difference between Rattlesnake Review and WTF? The over-18 thing should give you a clue. Its material tends to be more X-rated, for one thing. Plus, Rattlesnake Review is big and fat, has articles and other features, and represents a wide variety of styles and genres. WTF is leaner (smaller), meaner, and more geared to the "Luna's voice", if there is such a thing. (If you ever go to Poetry Unplugged on Thursday nights at Luna's Cafe, you'll see what we mean.) If you're over 18, though, you're welcome to submit to either one.


You might also go to the SnakeRings SpiralChaps page and order La Luna: Poetry Unplugged at Luna’s Café, our Luna’s anthology that was published in 2008 which features over 100 pages of poetry and artwork from 13 years of Poetry Unplugged. Click on frank andrick’s page for more info about frank, La Luna, Art Luna, and Luna’s Café.


WTF Deadlines are Jan. 15, Apr. 15, July 15, and Oct. 15. Each issue is released at Luna’s on the third Thursday of the month after its deadline.



WTF Issue#
$2.00 including postage























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